Goals for Q2 2016

“Set worthy goals. Don’t drift along as a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.” – Earl Nightingale

I’ve been thinking about goals quite a bit lately and the quote above is basically the story of my life for the past two years; drifting along as a wandering generality. My most impressive goal in the past two years as been trying to become a top player in my most played video game during this time. Not exactly something that makes one a better person in the real world.

So with that, I’d like to set some goals for myself. For now, I’ll focus on short term goals or things I can accomplish within a few months.

  • Become fiscally stable
    • Acquire a consistent stream of revenue
    • Be fiscally responsible
  • Have fewer non-productive days
    • Learn to code, daily
    • Consistent blogging, weekly
    • Read a book, monthly
  • Take better care of myself
    • Eat better
    • Consistent exercise

In the post title, I put 2Q 2016. I figure I should come back and review these goals once June comes around to see where I stand. Perhaps I’ll have some additional goals to add by then.


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