I Feel Like A Sack Of Shit

I feel like a sack of shit. This past week has not been productive in the slightest. Severe allergies had some part in that, but it was mostly me just being a total shit bag and going back to old habits.

I take that back. I have started to listen to music less and podcasts more. I’ve been listening to the Side Hustle Show podcast while in my car. That at least gets me thinking while I’m going to where ever to blow money I don’t have on whatever.

As far as work goes, I had the opportunity to pick up an extra day of work on Thursday, but declined. I also jumped at the chance to take Sunday off. Then I called out “sick” from a work meeting last night, that would have snagged me an extra our of pay. I feel guilty about all of those.

Remember that job opportunity that my friend told me about and I applied for? Still no word. Scott even text me the other day asking if I had heard anything and was surprised they hadn’t reached out to me yet. Of course there is always the government job I accepted back in September that I haven’t been able to start yet. I’ll check in with the consulting agency to see if my security clearance has come through, but it will probably be the regular “no update at this time”.

This post has been depressing and I feel like a sack of shit. I need to get my act together.


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