Where Am I Now?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this. Where am I now? I’m still in OKC, still working at the food truck park, still in a sink or swim situation. On paper, it probably doesn’t look like I’ve made much, if any progress. Overall, I feel better, but am far from where I wish to be.

Currently, I am job hunting. Remember that job I was waiting to start at the local Air Force Base? The one I was just waiting for my security clearance to come through so I could start? I never got the clearance. It took too long and the contracting company withdrew the offer. My friend Cody was in town for the 4th of July and told me what the issue was. Basically, he said that the government ran out of money to investigate anyone for new clearances, so if you didn’t have an already active clearance, you weren’t getting a job with the government. I lost a job because the government ran out of money. I was sad to hear I lost the job before I even got to start, but to hear it was because of the government’s lack of funding was something else completely. I’m not sure if I should be sad or just laugh about it. Either way, I have to press forward.

With college out of session and it being a crazy hot summer, traffic at Bleu Garten is down with both shifts and hours being cut. Last week, I interviewed with a local marketing firm for a web development job. I feel the interview went well and the owner said he would try to get me in for a 2nd interview this week. I’ve yet to receive any word on that sadly, but it is still the beginning of the week. I also had a phone interview for jerky.com. I was hoping they would have something where I could learn about e-commerce or drop shipping, but what they are currently looking for is a retail person to work a mall kiosk. While not at all excited about that, I lied and said I was.

My time spent gaming has gone significantly down. I have only played a single game of World of Tanks in the past 60 days. How I have filled that time void hasn’t been thoroughly productive though. I have re-watched all of the Game of Thrones episodes looking for foreshadowing clues, started and finished VEEP, and am 3 seasons deep into Eastbound & Down. My diet also still sucks.

As for improvements, I have enrolled in WordPress’ Blogging Fundamental’s course and Harvard’s CS50 course. Interviewing at the marketing firm really got me excited at the prospect of working with WordPress and marketing. As for the CS50 course, I’ve wanted and attempted to learn how to program off and on for a while now, but nothing ever stuck. My friend Cody told me he enrolled, so I figured I’d give it a go and it’s apparently highly recommended.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Not outstandingly better, but making progress. Baby steps.


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