The Format Won’t Always Be “Me, Me, Me”

I realize that thus far, the format of this blog has been all about me. More of a journal of sorts to flesh out my thoughts, feelings, and personal aspirations. It won’t always be like this. If it was all about me and forever stayed that way, I’d just be a really shitty Kimye.

Oh look, its an Egosaurus Rex

Right now, I just feel like I need to dig myself out of a hole and by documenting it, I will hopefully be able to take from those experiences and turn them into something of value for any potential readers. I can’t be the only person in the world wanting to turn their life around and make something of themselves via positive change.

Going forward, I’ll make an honest effort to give back or share something that I found useful or insightful. I might not be able to give value in the form of life lessons and experiences about my journey, but I can probably provide some value with things that are helping me on that journey.


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