Pseudo Vacation

pseudo vacation
That T-Mobile reception is on fleek.

A friend of mine asked me to house sit for him next week. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve watched his house and dogs. I kinda owe him a few favors for always watching my dog when I was travelling and in all honesty, I don’t mind. It will be a nice change of scenery for a few days, so anything that distracts me at my apartment hopefully won’t distract me there.

Did I mention he has a pool? And all of the major video game consoles? A Golden Tee arcade machine and a billiards table? What could possibly distract me?

Obviously, I’m going to be spending some time in the pool, but outside of that, I plan on actually getting some things done or progressed. Here is what I’m thinking my schedule will look like for next week:

  • Monday
    • Revise resume using resources and suggestions from /r/resumes
    • Progress in Harvard CS50
    • Daily WordPress Blogging University challenge
    • Pool
  • Tuesday
    • Continue resume revision and/or start job hunting
    • Daily WordPress Blogging University challenge
    • Work
  • Wednesday
    • Continue job hunting
    • Daily WordPress Blogging University challenge
    • Progress in Harvard CS50
    • Pool
    • Get car serviced
  • Thursday
    • Same as Wednesday, without getting car serviced
  • Friday
    • Same as Thursday

I’ll probably throw in a few free online learning classes like this one that I did last night and make a decision on which online marketing certification to pursue first.

Time to get ready for work. Hopefully, I’ll catch some pokemon while I’m there.


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