Min/Maxing, Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about min/maxing, which in gaming is a method of character customization that focuses only on the character’s strengths. However, today I’m going to talk about weaknesses and how to overcome them.

Let’s say you’re the barbarian, the strongest in the land, able to slay any foe with your sword. What is your weakness? Range. You need to get in really close for a sword to be effective, but what happens when you have to close the gap?

Enter the mage. The mage relies on dealing damage from afar and defeating enemies before they get in close. What is the mage’s weakness? In a gaming sense, it’s generally a lack of armor and physical weapons, ie close quarters combat, things the barbarian would excel at.

A nice pairing of strengths and abilities.

If the barbarian and mage work together, each of their strengths fill in nicely for the other’s weaknesses. In the real world, you might see this as a salesman with no technical knowledge, partnering with a technician that isn’t good with people. Two friends, one that is spontaneous and the other more cautious. A spouse that has access to a lot of money and likes to spend it, with another that came from a modest upbringing and is fiscally responsible.

Even if you are focusing on what you are good at, even if you are excelling at it, life can still be difficult. Partnering with someone who’s strengths fill in your weaknesses, while your strengths fill in theirs, makes things a whole lot easier. The more people you allow into your life who’s strengths aren’t your own, the better your life becomes and the easier it is to succeed.



Now all our party needs is a healer and a few more friends, then who knows, maybe together we can defeat the dragon for some epic loot!

dragon party


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