I’m Nervous

I’m nervous. That 2nd round interview I was supposed to have with the local marketing firm? I hadn’t heard from the guy, so I emailed him last night to see if we were still on. He said we could do something Thursday and check with his wife for a time that worked. Today he asked […]

Where Am I Now?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this. Where am I now? I’m still in OKC, still working at the food truck park, still in a sink or swim situation. On paper, it probably doesn’t look like I’ve made much, if any progress. Overall, I feel better, but am far from where I wish […]

I Feel Like A Sack Of Shit

I feel like a sack of shit. This past week has not been productive in the slightest. Severe allergies had some part in that, but it was mostly me just being a total shit bag and going back to old habits. I take that back. I have started to listen to music less and podcasts […]

Update 4/4/2016

I feel awful. My allergies are wrecking me and I really wanted to post an update on Friday, but between my allergies and long shifts at work, I felt like crap. However, I think I made some good strides on making improvements this past week. When not working, I would normally just play video games or […]

Goals for Q2 2016

“Set worthy goals. Don’t drift along as a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.” – Earl Nightingale I’ve been thinking about goals quite a bit lately and the quote above is basically the story of my life for the past two years; drifting along as a wandering generality. My most impressive goal in the past […]


If my life was a video game, I’d be playing World of Stresscraft. I’m having trouble sleeping tonight as my mind is racing with how I’m going to bounce back from this.  Some interesting news though: a friend of mine suggested I return to my previous employer to work in their NOC (Network Operations Center). […]

The Hard Truth

Today I came to the realization of just how screwed I am. T-Mobile keeps calling and texting my phone for payment. Rent is coming up in a few days. I’ll have to make a choice. I have to go late on a few bills in order to pay rent. I need to be much smarter […]